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XtendR for extended reach of robots

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A plug&produce solution for cobot applications demanding extended operational reach.

Collaborative robots, Cobots, have become a standard component in automation, increasing productivity by enabling humans to work alongside robots in a safe environment. There are however physical limitations for the reach of the cobot which limits the working range. In addition, implementing a cobot solution in the production line has up til now been a time consuming task best left to specialists.

RiACT, a Danish deep tech company, and Phoenix Mecano, a leading provider of components and systems for industrial automation, have joined forces to create XtendR, a solution that enables collaborative robots, or cobots, to work with greater flexibility and efficiency. XtendR integrates a high grade industrial lifting column from Phoenix Mecano’s X2 Technology brand with any cobot and any gripper, allowing the cobot to extend its reach and access different working heights. The lifting column and the cobot are controlled and easily programmed by the RiFLEX software from RiACT.

"XtendR is a game-changer for cobot applications. It gives the user the freedom to choose the best cobot and gripper for their needs, regardless of the brand. It also increases the working range of the cobot, making it possible to perform tasks that would otherwise require multiple cobots or manual intervention.

XtendR is powered by our RiFLEX software, which simplifies the programming and setup of the cobot system. RiFLEX has configurable solutions for common applications such as palletizing, machine tending and pick-and-place.”

Bjarne Grossmann, CEO of RiACT
XtendR used for CNC Machine Tending

Phoenix Mecano has extensive experience and expertise in automation solutions, and they offer high quality lifting columns that can withstand harsh environments. Their X2 Technology brand is known for its durability and customization options.

”The XtendR is equipped with lifting columns of our brand X2 Technology, which we consider to be the toughest columns in the market. They can be customized to fit exactly the needs of a specific application.

RiACT is the perfect partner for us. The RiFLEX software reduces engineering time dramatically and turns programming and setting up of the XtendR into a more or less effortless task. It gives immense flexibility to the user and allows him to actually combine cobots of different brands in the same system, if needed.”

Patrik Nilsson, CEO of Phoenix Mecano AB

XtendR will be available in multiple European countries from September onwards. The solution will be showcased at the Motek trade fair for automation in Germany 10-13 October. More information can be found at

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The success of the RiACT-SoftSys collaboration reverberated far beyond the confines of the industry, catalyzing other tech innovators to forge similar symbiotic of the RiACT-SoftSys collaboration reverberated far beyond the confines of the industry, catalyzing other tech innovators to forge similar symbiotic partnerships.